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            amusement equipment, design and products from amusement companies around the world

            Amusement Equipment, Design & Products

            Indoor Playground Equipment

            indoor playground equipment installationFor ages 10 and under, indoor playgrounds are still the number one driver of birthday parties. However, there are some considerations when choosing indoor playground equipment.

            Laser Tag Equipment

            laser tag equipment for fun centersLooking to add laser tag to your family fun center or amusement attraction? Laser tag guns, vests and arena maze design and construction can all be found in the amusement equipment directory laser tag equipment category.

            Miniature Golf

            indoor and outdoor miniature golf design and construction by amusement productsAdd an indoor miniature golf course or a glow in the dark mini golf attraction to your amusement business with the assistance of the indoor miniature golf manufacturers and suppliers listed in the directory.

            Amusement Rides

            amusement rides for fun centers include kiddie ridesAmusement rides are a central attraction for your family fun center, indoor party center or other amusement attraction business. Park rides, coin operated and kiddie amusement rides are right here in the amusement directory.

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            Arcade Machines

            arcade machines and games include coin operated gamesArcade machines, redemption games, coin operated games of all kinds keep your guests spending money. Look no further than the amusement directory to find your coin operated arcade games.

            Edutainment - Final Frontier

            Mission 7 edutainment

            Amusement Equipment

            Buyers and Amusement Startups

            amusement design and construction services for amusement business startupsYou are here to start, grow or manage your amusement business, or fun center attraction. Finding resources for amusement design, amusement construction, products and amusement companies.

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            amusement equipment companies and products for entertainment centers and attractions

            Amusement Design, Products and Amusement Companies

            You are here looking for new opportunities and customers.

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            Amusement Products

            Voted Number One in Customer Service and Resources

            amusement products customer service awardOnce again our visitors have spoken and confirmed the Amusement Directory as the online leader for products and services. Over the last year, we have served just over 2,380 catalog requests for amusement equipment and attraction management services and resources. The top requests continue to be for laser tag, indoor playgrounds, blacklight themeing, miniature golf, amusement rides and arcade games.


            This is the web's largest commercial directory for amusement rides, indoor playground equipment, arcade machines, indoor miniature golf and other amusement supplies, games, design and construction management.

            In today's fast paced world, not every amusement attractions owner or new startup developer can afford the luxury of time and budget to travel to all the amusement industry tradeshows. Thats where the arcade machines and amusement equipmentamusement directory can help, by bringing the best amusement rides, arcade machines, indoor playground equipment, laser tag equipment, indoor miniature golf and video arcade, redemption games direct to your desktop.

            Even during an economic down turn, well managed leisure parks, indoor playground party centers and amusement arcades are able to hold their own and weather the down turn by providing excellent customer service, a dedicated community focused brand and marketing strategy along with the right amusement rides and attraction mix. Indoor playground equipment can often be the catalyst for a great birthday party package and followed up with the right amusement rides, amusement park equipment, coin operated games, various arcade machines and a cool, well designed indoor miniature golf course. Fun centers and themed amusement attractions owners, operators and new family fun center developers looking for the best in amusement park equipment, services and amusement construction and consultation, find it all at the Amusement Equipment Directory.

            Amusement Design - The Process

            amusement design services and planning by Prime Play SystemsThe process of amusement design is two-fold. The first is to find the right attraction mix for your amusement project, based on your business goals and the market feasibility of that project. The second, is to develop a razor sharp focus on profitability through the amusement experience by refining the use and expectations of guest flow within your amusement center project. Once you start developing or operating a fun center amusement attraction, as a retail business your focus must be on the guest experience, and amusement design is the corner-stone of that amusement experience, wether it be a good or bad experience.

            Amusement design includes the many aspects of a family fun center, from check-in to check-out. How guests line-up to get into your business, how they traverse your activity centers, how they experience your concessions and the business of parties and events. After the feasibility and business planning, the process of amusement design is really the long term key to your amusement centers success.

            Amusement Companies and Manufacturers

            amusement companies and equipment manufacturersThe Amusement Directory is home to the industry's best equipment suppliers, amusement companies and manufacturers. If your amusement attraction is just getting started, or looking to grow market share, we offer you our one-stop catalog request form, with the web's largest directory of amusement companies. Perfect for amusement owners who can not make the IAAPA or Amusement Expo tradeshow, the companies listed in the directory are eager to provide both existing attraction owners and new fun center developers with amusement products, arcade games, amusement design, amusement rides and indoor playground equipment.

            Amusement equipment quality and pricing can vary dramatically. In recent years some amusement companies in North America and elsewhere have started to exploit lower labor and manufacturing costs overseas to offset an equal amount of overseas amusement manufacturers that have started to flood the US market with new attractions, lower pricing products and amusement equipment. The rule here is buyer beware. Product quality, warranties and service repairs vary dramatically, know where amusement companies are manufacturing their equipment, and which vendors are sourcing materials and supplies from offshore manufacturers.

            SUPPLIERS - Recently Added

            The following amusement supply companies have provided us with their list of new amusement products and services.

            The Directory is pleased to have Indoor Jumping Pillows, LLC back with us once again and listed for our amusement attraction buyers in the inflatables category. With a unique approach to inflatable bouncers, Indoor Jumping Pillows offers a long life span of 10+ years and is literally a Kid Magnet revenue producer. Check them out in the amusement directory under inflatables.

            New to the Amusement Directory is Allied Bowling Corporation, the home of the fantastically fun 10-Pin Bowling game. Bowling has always been a popular sport and attraction for many stand alone leisure facilities, with the assistance of the bowling professionals at Allied Bowling, now every family entertainment center can provide the excitement and profitability of a bowling attraction.

            Recent additions to the directory include Daniels Wood Land, Inc, home of the extreme theme treehouse, shooting galleries, themeing and fabrication for amusement parks, family fun centers and other leisure attractions. RMA Technologies offers interactive design elements that add special effects, sounds, lights and interaction between your guests and other activities, including your indoor playground. Imagination Atmospheres is a great amusement park and fun center themed environments company that can enhance your guest experience with a wow-face lift.

            5 Star Redemption offers the best in amusement arcade machines and coin operated games, arcade shooting games, driving games and everything else your arcade game room guests are looking for. Pathfinder Software recently changed their name to CenterEdge Software where innovation in POS systems, debit cards and mangement software for your fun business attraction is what they do best.

            Happy Pillar is new to the Equipment Directory and offers a very innovative approach to kiddie rides and trackless trains for your childrens entertainment center. Stop by and see their new video on the amusement expo website. Just added is Ideal Software Systems with a recent upgrade to their software including POS Syetem management, debit cards and for your amusement arcade games, fun center and park attraction business.

            Indoor Playgroud Equipment

            Crooked themed playhouses by Playwirxindoor playgrounds

            Indoor play has always been at the very core of the successful indoor party business or the local community children's entertainment center. Playground equipment runs the gamet from infant and toddler play, to pre-school and up to ages 10 - 12 years old. Having a multi-level indooor playground as part of your attraction can be the main draw for terrific party business and activities of all kinds. When it comes to indoor play, there are a number of considerations and concerns to be addressed by you to your playground manufacturer of choice. For starters, where are they parts, plastics and components manufactured? How long have they been in business? Have they worked in your country before? What kind of insurance does the company carry? How do their installers work? Do they send a full crew, or will your installation contract also require you to provide labor support?  For a complete run down of how to choose the right play manufacture for your business stop by our indoor playground equipment page.

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